Let us discuss EARN MONEY ONLINE FOR STUDENTS? who want to earn extra income

There are a lot of methods by which students earn money let us discuss a few with good examples.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Graphic Designing
  • Social Media Management


What is affiliate marketing and how to earn money online for students using these marketing plans .first me to tell you in simple words what affiliate marketing is not but any company gives you a commission if you get sales of their product. here you don’t need to have any stock with you just you need to share the product link and get sales


A few affiliate websites are mentioned below you can try any one of them. the best method is to create a good group in WhatsApp and Telegram keep adding new members and keep posting all links daily to get good results.

Blogging :


The second method to make money online for students is blogging

If you like writing you can start blogging but this needs a bit of time and patience too here you can do it free using a blogger you paid in wordpress by taking your own hosting to focus topics like celebrity gossip car and bike updates, this will give you good traffic and help you to earn good then you can apply to google ads sense and get earning from ads .few hosting company were you can get hosting name and domain name for your blog.

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The ever-increasing need for graphic designers is a popular way to earn money online as a student today. If you love creating graphics, this part-time job full time.

As a graphic designer, you can work with r individuals and create all types of graphics for electronic and print media like posters, illustrations, banners, logo design, etc. You can earn a significant amount of money making such graphics. and you can connect with YouTube and Instagram to send your work you will get easy work since every YouTuber needs a good graphic designer

. Learn Design Software: Learn the magic of essential tools like Adobe PhotoshopIllustrator, and InDesign. These tools are widely used for creating all things amazing in the design realm.

Social Media Management:

All business lies in marketing in that social media marketing is top in business to post on Facebook Instagram and different groups you will get paid to manage this task. You must have seen different ads or landing pages when scrolling through your social media account. The person who carries out these activities is a social media manager

 Here are a few social media management.

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