Bigg Boss November 4th Full Episode

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The episode that aired today began with Salman Khan’s greeting. When it comes to the elimination, he predicts that Arun, Isha Malviya, Manasavi Mamgai, and Sanmarth Jurely will go. Salman gets to know his roommates. He plays with Anurag. Salman requests that Tiger 3 be played. He requests Anurag demonstrate his moves.

Salman takes issue with Anurag’s dancing abilities. He says his wife, Sunny, has called. Salman claims that Arun does not want to be Sunny’s second wife by Sunny’s wife. He approaches Arun and Sunny. Salman finds amusement in Arun and Sunny’s one-liners.

Salman talked about which candidates had made phone calls prior to coming inside the house. Vicky reports that she had a conversation with Neil. Vicky claims that they had a formal discussion that wasn’t about the game with Neil. Vicky and Neil both agree.

Salamn asked Isha about her caller. Isha adopts the name Abhishek.

Neil and Vicky, according to Salman, broke the rules. Sana is asked to elaborate. According to Sana, participants who have previously entered into contracts with one another may be removed by the creators.

Who has to follow the rules, Salman wonders? Ankita Lokhande claims to have been aware of Neil and Vicky’s prior conversation. Salman reveals that not all of them had the game planned out in advance. He claims that during Neil’s therapy session, Isha, Vicky, and Munawar were revealed. Neil isn’t sure.

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Few people play naturally, according to Salman, and few cheat. Vicky and Neil are asked to report their conversation from outside.

Salman asks Vicky and Neil, who had a conversation, why they keep quoting. He requests clarification. Neil and Vicky attempt to clarify.

Salman claims that because Neil and Vicky were conversing, he didn’t yell at Vicky. Neil disputes. Salman even cites Munawar, who clarifies things with Vicky and Ankita; consequently, the makers are dubious of them as well. Mannara feels let down.

Munawar disputes that and claims he didn’t speak with Vicky or Ankita.

Manasavi is informed by Vicky that his talk with Neil had nothing to do with the game. Neil claims that they wouldn’t have fought on TV if they had planned.

Mannara and Jigna are skeptical that Anktia, Vicky, and Isha ever spoke. Jigna claims they speak both inside and outside the space.

The King is greeted on stage by Salman

The king claims to know Munawar and Khanzadi. Munawar is asked to sing a few lines by him.

Munawar shows off his vocal prowess.

The king raps about the state of affairs between Abhishek and Khanzadi. With the prisoners, he carried out the Dil task once more. Neil got the job underway. For Manasavi, he closes the dil ka darwaza. Vicky is given the door closed by Aishwarya. Sana, Ankita, and Vicky shut the door. They accuse Sana of betrayal.


For Sunny, Abhishek shuts the door. He says that during the altercation, Sunny threw objects.

Abhishek later apologized, according to Sunny, for touching his feet. Abhishek and Sunny argue.

Isha lets Munawar in through the door. Arun requests permission from the king to carry out the assignment. The king consents. Arun lets Abhishek in by closing the door.

Salman advertises the Doree show featuring young performers. Alongside him on stage are Amar Upadhaya, Gangaprasad, also known as Sudha Chandra, and Kailashi Devi.

Manasavi has been evicted, Salman says. Abhishek fights with Arun and Sunny. Abhishek begs Sunny and Arun not to mistreat them.

Anurag and Arun make the decision to reveal to Abhishek his role in the household.

Isha berated Munawar for not approaching her in the event that he had a problem. Munawar objects to behavioral shifts in Isha. He claims that Isha wants to force Abhishek and Samarth into combat.

Sunny, Arun, and Abhishek argue with one another.

Sunny and Arun talk about Abhishek. Sunny queries Arun about the cost of hitting someone. Money, Arun says, and they could end up in jail. Sunshine chooses to take a Salman Khan says that Isha is fooling two boys, which infuriates Isha.

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Samarth gives Isha comfort.

Abhishek, Vicky, and Ankita talk about the game. It is said that Ankita and Vicky will be central to Sana’s game.

Anurag, Sunny, and Arun resolve to challenge Abhishek’s mental state.

Day 21: 8:30 a.m.: prisoners talk about their kitchen work. Dum members are allegedly not carrying out their duties. Sana feels hurt. Sana and Vicky quarrel. Vicky is unwilling to clean the utensils. Sana says she’s being targeted by Vicky.

Khanzadi is flirted with by Abhishek. Khanzadi admits to having affection for Abhishek.

They have no future, says Abhishek.

Members of Dil are urged not to steal the rations by Munawar.

Neil, Aishwarya, and Jigna talk about Neil and Ankita. Neil claims Vicky has the ability to manipulate.

Samarth and Isha are discussed by Anurag, Arun, and Sunny.

The players of truth and dare are Ankita, Neil, Samarth, Isha, Vicky, Aishwarya, and Khanzadi.

Neil and Aishwarya have arguments with one another. Neil requests that Aishwarya not turn up the volume on him.- Episode Completa

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