BUSINESS IDEAS 2023||बिजनेस आइडियाज 2023

Earn 1 lakh per month sitting at home

Let us discuss how to make 1 lakh per month by doing business from home.


You can start a milk business in the village of Dhani or the city. For example, You can provide milk service in milk dairy, dairy farms, shops, or homes. first, you can connect with village people who have a supply for supply in the village from there you can take the milk and make it packet ya bottle system and you can tie up with city customers by making wassup group ya making your own e-commerce website. and you can also get tied up with another e-commerce platform.


One of the best businesses and a good running business .honey is used for diet and it’s good for health too you can do sales on all e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon another platform too. and The Central Government gives 80 to 85% subsidy for Beekeeping businesses. You can earn 5 lakhs on 1 thousand kg of honey. so it is very easy to make honey business you will get proper training for govt and funds too.


These days goldfish business is doing well in India. You can earn lakhs from this business. all fish business that is used in aquariums can be benefits small fish cost around 100 and range goes to 2000 etc so this is a profitable business. you need a small space for fish farming.

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Right from temple to home pooja and other event decorations we all need flowers. A flower business can be started in less space and money. The demand for flowers remains throughout the year in the market. select the best flower that is in demand in the market such as red roses which ranges from 5 to 30 based on the season the cost may increase.


These days people have a habit of eating diet salad which is made from exotic vegetables .having expensive vegetables are available in the market. By doing whose business bumper can be earned? Some examples of vegetables are cherry, asparagus, bok choy, cultivation of zucchini, etc. You can get tie up with local wholesale dealers to sell you veggies .and get a good profit margin.

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