Lets us discuss business ideas for students where they can earn 20 to 50k per month


since as a student you will be very much in touch with writing and reading more books etc. you can take one specific topic and start blogging and earn money. that you can money in different ways. one you will earn money from Google AdSense, second you can earn from affiliate marketing.

You just need to get a domain and hosting and you are all set to start your blog and earn money


As a student, you can learn a few skills as how to run Facebook and Google ads and how to write a blog, and all these services you can offer others who are into business and demand money for your work. since you can work as a freelance and it will grow your business and knowledge.


Start your own youtube channel and make money you can start with a small faceless and make money as a faceless channel .and youtube shorts .few ideas you can start small cooking tips ya video vlogs of your college and day-to-day updates ya few experiments channel.


You can be any influencer just as in clothing ya car ya any other product-related.if you want to be a good clothing influencer you can visit any good super mart you can select a dress you can do a small shoot in the trail room and keep the dress back in its area in this way you can develop your social link and grow as a student .and you can review and product in Instagram and make money by giving link below that video and can earn money.

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As a student, you can start your own dropshipping services. we have already made one blog about what is dropshipping still will explain in short .get touch with a few wholesale shops where you can get discounts on products .next is to check prices on Flipkart and Amazon products based on that you can figure out how much price you can set to your product and sell in Flipkart and another platform ya you can direct order by running ads in Facebook and tell that wholesale agent that we will get orders for you you need to do shipment and get us a commission that’s it.

All the above are best for students where you can earn beat in your school and college life .just focus on one skill make a good team and start your own way to make money.

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