Big good news E-ashram card money has started coming, Rs. 1000 will come into the accounts of these people today, see the list

E-shram card money

Big good news: E-Shram Card money has started coming. 1000 rupees will come into the account of these people today, see the list. Almost all the workers living in unorganized sectors in India today have an identity card, which is also called E-Shram Card.

A benefit of Rs 1000 was given to all the e-Shram Card beneficiaries by the Central Government. Now the Central Government is going to run that scheme once again. This time also the e-Shram Card beneficiary will get the benefit directly in his account.

Who will get the benefit of an e-ashram card:

There are beneficiaries of the E-Labor Card in the entire country but only 2 crore unorganized sector workers will be given the benefit. All the workers who are from the state of Uttar Pradesh will get benefits under the foster care scheme.

After this, if the Central Government also contributes to this scheme, then all the e-Shram Card beneficiaries of India will get financial assistance of Rs. 1000 thousand and the e-Shram Card beneficiaries of Uttar Pradesh will get financial assistance of Rs. 2000.

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Benefits of E Shram Card

  • The first benefit of the e-Shram Card is that the worker will directly get the benefit of any central government scheme.
  • The government has announced to provide accident insurance e-shram cards up to Rs 2 lakh every year.
  • E Shram Card helps the worker by providing financial assistance towards his work all over India.
  • The benefit of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana can also be availed.
E-shram card money

View list of e-ashram card

If you are a beneficiary of an e-shram card and you also want to check your financial maintenance amount, then you can do it easily.

  • For this, first of all, you have to go to the official portal of Unorganized Sector Workers
  • Open the page in desktop mode go down and click on Parenting Scheme
  • After that, you have to submit the mobile number registered on your e-shram card.
  • You will get information about all registered e-shram cards from your mobile.
  • You will also be able to see the financial amount of the e-shram card.

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