WhatsApp: WhatsApp Can Now Be Used Without A Number.


WhatsApp Community:

Now you can hide your number on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is getting out a new chat feature for its users. The world’s most popular app WhatsApp is all set to bring another special feature to give its users a better experience. WhatsApp keeps on releasing the best feature for its customers and attracts the customers.


WhatsApp New Feature :

WhatsApp is all set to roll out a new Phone Number Privacy feature for Android and iOS users to hide their phone number. This feature helps WhatsApp users to maintain their privacy by hiding their mobile numbers in the WhatsApp community.

Who Members Can Use This Feature :

Who Members Can Use This Feature With this feature their phone number is only visible to community members and other people who have saved them as a contact. It helps users to hide their full phone numbers from other participants in the conversation. This feature is limited to community members only.

This community member’s phone number is always visible. New phone number privacy feature for communities is available to some beta users. It is installing the latest update for Android update and WhatsApp for iOS update. It will be rolled out to more users in the coming days, the report said.

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