Vegh S60 Scooty launched with unique features! Will give a range of 120km and will be charged in 2.2 seconds, see the price!

Vegh S60 Scooty

Vegh S60 Scooty: In the automobile sector of India, you are now seeing more and more electric bikes. All the automobile companies are including electric bikes in their segment. Recently, Vegh S60 Scooty has been seen in the market.

You get to see many great features in this Electric Scooty, such as a range of 120 kilometers and the ability to charge in 2.2 hours, so let us also tell you what the price, power, and other special features of its Vegh S60 Scooty. Is going to.

Vegh S60 Scooty Specifications Highlights:

If you are thinking of buying an electric bike, then this electric bike will fit perfectly in your budget. Its price starts from Rs 1.20 lakh ex-showroom. At this price, you get many great features.

Talking about the range of this bike, it gives an excellent range of 120 kilometers, and its battery gets fully charged within 2.20 hours, such that you will not have to wait much, it has included a battery of 2500 watt power which is quite high. That’s great.

Vegh S60 Scooty Battery Warranty :

This is an electric scooter, so you will get a warranty on the battery. The battery of this electric scooter of Vegh is kept under warranty by the company for 3 years or a range of 4000kmpl, which can be a very good offer for a scooter lover. 

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Vegh S60 Scooty

Vegh S60 Scooty Features:

BLDC motors have been used in this electric scooter of Vegh. Among the features of Satish, you are going to see an odometer speedometer digital. Combined brake system and drum brake system are seen in the front, which are very safety features of this bike. In this, you get to see different color variants. 

About Vegh S60 Scooty Price:

Talking about its market price, its price starts from Rs 1.20 lakh ex-showroom and the rest of its price can be seen in the market according to different variants.

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