Threads: New App Launched By FacebookPeople.

Threads application

The Threads app launched by Facebook is a challenge to Twitter.

you just need to get this application from the play store for Android users and for Apple users can get it from the ios store .ones downloaded you need to get connect with your Instagram id and you are done with this application you can post.


Threads App:

Lots of people in the country use Twitter accounts. Twitter account is very popular among users. Now Facebook’s parent company Meta has officially released an app to hack the Twitter account. Its name is Threads. Now the Threads application released by Facebook has become a challenge to Twitter. This has increased the number of potential competitors to Twitter.

Threads Up Released by Facebook Company Threads Up was released at eleven o’clock at night and is available on Apple and Android app stores. Many star celebrities are already active on this social networking site. The app was introduced as an Instagram spin-off.


Zuckerberg is taking advantage of Twitter’s chaotic ownership of Twitter to launch a new product. The company said that these celebrities will be a communication channel for the company and politicians. If more Instagram users start posting regularly in threads, the new flat form could develop quickly, strategic financial analyst Brian Wiser said on SubStack.

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