Projector under 6999:कौन सा प्रोजेक्टर सिर्फ 6999 में check out right now

Lifelong LightBeam projector under 6,999

Projector :

As we know having a projector in the home is good rather than having a big TV which covers more space and has fewer features in it so if you have a projector it will be very easy to excess and can easily carry from one place to another and it’s very tiny. and budget-friendly.

Lifelong LightBeam projector under 6,999

Lifelong LightBeam projector Features:

Connectivity Features

Memory Cards SupportedUSB flash FAT, FAT32:8G/16G/32G, NTFS?64G
USB Version2.0
Audio In3.5mm
Audio Out3.5mm
Microphone In1.4
HDMI Version1


Model NameLightBeam
Part NumberLLPJH20
Maximum Brightness1200 lm
Light SourceLED
Minimum Projection Distance40 inch
Projection Ratio1.37:1

Lifelong LightBeam Projector Price :

Lifelong LightBeam projector price to sold at 6999 and holds many good features where you can get direct access to all OTT platforms and Android 11 OS.

how to connect the projector to a laptop:

Lifelong LightBeam projector can directly connect using wireless and wired to using cable and direct connect to your system if you face a port issue you will get an extension for it in any store.

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how to connect the projector to a mobile:

Nowadays all China cables are there in the market and all the latest mobile have cast and other connectivity options wifi and Bluetooth where you can connect easily. This projector is a live sale on Flipkard. Grap the best deal.

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