Omg Tesla Model Y And Model 3 Lead The Way As Used EV Prices Keep Falling check out right now

Tesla car model y and model 3

As per the source, the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 led to price falls may be cos of a lot of EV car companies are coming from different countries and with good designs and features compared to Tesla models even Chinese companies, including BYD Electric Car which had good sales in India and other countries

Tesla Model Y Tesla Model 3

Tesla Values Take a Big Hit in January:

As per the news the car prices between January 3rd and January 11th, the day before the price cuts were announced. used Tesla prices between January 15th and January 31st, immediately after the announcement, iSeeCars confirmed a 4.8 percent drop in Tesla values.

Price drops finally leveling off?

 As if now used EV prices are leveling off, however, according to Recurrent’s Najman. the decrease across all brands from January to February was 2.5%, less than the 2.9% decrease from December to January, Najman said.

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