Ola S2 Pro: 210 Km Mileage On A Single Charge.

ola S2


Launch of Ola S2 PRO scooter that can travel a distance of 210 kilometers on a single charge.Ola S2 Pro Electric Scooter: Petrol diesel prices are increasing day by day. Due to this, people are focusing more and more on buying electric vehicles. Due to the increasing demand of electric scooters, various designs of electric scooters are being launched in the market. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent in the Indian market. It can be said that more and more electric vehicles are being sold day by day. Nowadays people mostly prefer electric vehicles. Because the prices of diesel and petrol have increased, people are buying electric vehicles more and more.

Ola Electric Scooter Ola :

Ola Electric Scooter Ola (Ola) company is also releasing different types of electric scooters. Now the company is all set to launch its new model scooter. Now Ola S2 Pro electric scooter will be launched in the market.

ola s2 pro

Ola S2 PRO Scooter:

Ola S2 PRO Scooter Now Ola company has launched a new electric scooter. Let’s know complete information about this scooter. Ola has just launched a new electric scooter called Ola S2 Pro. This scooter has an excellent headlight setup and a shiny design. It is said to be presented similarly to Ola’s previous model, OLA s1.

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Ola S2 PRO Scooter Price:

Ola S2 PRO Scooter Price
The Ola S2 PRO scooter can easily travel a distance of 210 km on a single charge. This is the main feature of this scooter. It uses a more powerful battery of 3.74 kWh. Moreover, it provides a top speed of up to 140 mph. The price of the Ola S2 PRO scooter is estimated to be around 1.15 lakhs to 1.60 lakhs.

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