Jio Nokia 5G: Nokia And Jio Joint Deal, Good News For Mobile Lovers

Jio has tied up with Nokia for 5G.

Jio Nokia 5G: Now the number one telecom company seems to have struck a deal with Nokia for Jio 5G. India’s Reliance Jio Ltd and Nokia are reportedly expected to sign a deal this week to buy 5G network equipment worth Rs 1.7 billion. The report said that the signing could take place today in Hennes Linki, Finland, where Nokia is headquartered. Jio and Nokia have been asked to comment on this, but no response has been received so far.

Nokia and Jio tie-up:

This deal was launched at the time of the launch of wireless services in India. Jio also acquired airwaves worth $11 billion in the 5G Scrum auction last August. Now 5G service has started in many cities. Alphabet will work with Google to launch a low-cost 5G smartphone. HSBC JP Morgan and Citigroup are among the firms backing Jio’s 5G-related acquisitions, the report said. Finvera, a European export credit agency, guarantees borrowers for disbursement of loans abroad.

Swedish telecom company and Ericsson announced a partnership with Jio to build a 5G  network in India. There are a lot of people in India who don’t have a smartphone anymore. Jio announced earlier last week that it will introduce a 4G feature phone to meet the demand of such customers. good news and hope will get the best network soon in India in all location 

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