How to make money from Instagram page

This topic will study the complete details of using Instagram and how to make money from Instagram from any place in the world using all Instagram tools and methods. let us discuss them one by one.

How to make money from Instagram pages

A lot of people are earning from Instagram it has become a popular social platform for everyone you can make your own page on Instagram and earn from it how earnings will come will discuss but before that, we need to design a page .here are the topic we can create a page on.

  • Health
  • Gym
  • Food
  • Motivation
  • Make Money
  • Product details
  • Dress

These are the different topics where you can create pages as well as reels too. but in the reel, we need to add a few details and discuss the next point. first, create a page and make your account a professional account, next you need to create a logo for your page on which topic you want to write ya design poster. better to go with the website best for designing posters for Instagram .so here are a few pages where you can get good references for your topic.

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Here you can see how the poster has been designed .even you can do the same way and post it on Instagram

How to make money from Instagram pages

So once you are done with pages and all setup .now comes the earning process. one you can charge money to post other startup updates ones your pages and you can promote other pages too. in this way you can earn money in different ways .it may be any brand and any new page that want a good no of followers on these pages.

How to make reels and make money from Instagram

Here let’s discuss a few topics on Instagram reels where you can earn a good amount of money you can make reels of your own if you are good at making fun of ya comedy ya any food-related reel this will be too good for ya product video. so in terms of earning if you make your own video, you can get a few brand promotion amounts and you will get an instant bonus too .better to try product-related reels this will give you good benefits where you can earn money from the affiliate marketing concept. On average, an influencer (Rs 2.44 lakhs approx) per month. However, Micro-influencers (between 1,000 and 10,000 followers) make (Rs 1.17 lakhs approx) per month

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Start your own shop ya business using Instagram

You can start your own business using Instagram you can design your own clothes ya ant other products you just need to do it make a good design and post it on Instagram and do a little digital marketing using paid ads on Instagram that’s it.

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