Create 3D Social Media Images instantly without any app, know the easy way

3D wallpaper

3D Social Media Image:

Hello everyone, some 3d image creators’ social media posters are becoming increasingly viral on the internet a boy is seen sitting in 3D on Instagram, it looks quite nice. 

You have come to know about which 3D Image Social Media we are talking about by looking at this image. Now you are also thinking about making it but you do not want this 80MB application in your mobile. A small 3D Social Media Has to do to create a media image. 

Create 3D Social Media Images instantly without any app, know the easy way in Hindi 

Don’t worry, we will tell you how you can create this Ai 3D Social Media Image with the help of Chat GPT without any application. For this, I will guide you step by step below. Before that, share this post once with other friends. Share it so that it can help in making it too. 

How to create a 3D Social Media Image without an App?

To create 3D images, which are becoming increasingly viral on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, read all the steps given below carefully so that you will be able to learn to create 3D images easily.

  • First of all, search in Google by writing 3D Social Media Images
  • Now you will see Microsoft’s website Big, click on it.
  • On the home page itself, you will see the code to create a 3D image, you will have to make some changes in it.
  • In that, write your name in place of ‘Your Name’ and the name of the social media in place of Social Media. 
  • After that click on Create, and your 3D Social Media Image will be ready immediately. 
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