Channel Create: How To Create A Channel On WhatsApp, Super Update For WhatsApp Users


WhatsApp Channel Create Process:

WhatsApp has now introduced a new feature for users. WhatsApp has given a new update to the users by introducing the WhatsApp Channel Feature for the users. This feature has already reached some WhatsApp users. WhatsApp’s new WhatsApp Channel Feature is a one-way broadcasting tool. This new feature will be available in a new tab called ‘Updates’. The WhatsApp Channel Feature will be available globally in a few days. You can search for channels to follow that are automatically filtered based on your country or search for channels by name or category.(WhatsApp, Super Update For WhatsApp Users)

WhatsApp Channel Feature :

You can also view the most active and popular channels based on your follower count. A selection of popular personalities and organizations are available on WhatsApp for you to follow on their WhatsApp channel. Users can get WhatsApp Channel Feature by updating the latest feature of WhatsApp. You need to tap the + button to follow any channel. No more your mobile number will be revealed as you follow the channel.(WhatsApp, Super Update For WhatsApp Users)

Create your WhatsApp channel in this way :

WhatsApp, Super Update For WhatsApp Users how to use this in your account


You need to install the latest version on the Google Play Store first to create the new WhatsApp Channel Feature of WhatsApp.

Then open WhatsApp Web and go to the channel by clicking on the Channel Icon.

*Click on the Create Channel option, then proceed with On Screen Prompts. *Add a Channel Name to create your Channel. There is an option to change the channel name according to your choice.

*You can customize the WhatsApp channel by adding a Description and Icon.

*You can easily create your own WhatsApp Channel by adding a Description and Icon to the WhatsApp Channel.


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