BUSINESS WITH SMALL CAPITAL:छोटे व्यवसाय द्वारा प्रति माह 50k कमाएँ

Here let us discuss business where you can start with small capital and earn monthly 50 k to 1 lakh per month so let us discuss one by one in detail.


Well, you can start a transport business. you can start with a lower investment and earn a good profit. well to start first you need to register the company .next comes the tie-up and another process first design a good website and add up all details of the area and location where your services are available. there is a lot of truck that has less business and that runs in different direction get tied up with them this is the best method in the first step. then get tied up with stores for exports of material.


The next business with less investment is event planning right from birthday parties to big weddings all done by event planning right from a selection from cake to dress to the vehicle all done by event planners and if you talk about margin it is more than 70 margins you get in this business. it’s a one-time investment in the event business you will be getting money from all directions you can to get in touch with all vendors right from flowers to sweets so that whenever an event is where you can get tied up with those people your work will be done the fast and good way

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Fast food center. in this busy time, all people need quick food at a better price and good quality all are there then you will hit with good revenue .get a small outlet with a good name and keep both online and offline orders next take fassi and fire safety license that’s enough then you are good to go with your outlet. make packing and other stuff in a good way


Next, you can go for frozen food it had good demand in the market and it is easy you can earn see which product is demand in the market such as chicken wings, momos, and which are almost used in hotels so that you can supply them at in best price. here you need to focus on documents and other things like machines which dryers the item and marketing which will be easy to grab the market .and even you can sell in stores and small shops too.

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