Anna Bhagya Scheme: If This Work Is Not Done By July 20

Anna Bhagya Scheme

Anna Bhagya Scheme:

Anna Bhagya Scheme Latest Update: A lot of updates have come out recently regarding the Anna Bhagya scheme of the Congress government. The government is providing enough information for Annabhagya Yojana. It was decided in the cabinet meeting to give compensation to the people for 5 kg of rice instead of 5 kg.BPL ration card holders will be given Rs 170 each monthly per kg of rice at Rs 34. But not every family can get this money. If Annabhagya Yojana has any shortcomings then people will be disqualified from it.

Eligibility to avail of Annabhagya Yojana:

No wrong information should be present on BPL and Antyodaya ration cards. Now the bank account should be in the name of the ration card member. Linking Aadhaar with a bank account is mandatory for Annabhagya money to be credited to your bank account. Aadhaar link bank account details are important to get funds under Annabhagya Yojana. By doing this before July 20, any member of the household linked to the bank account Aadhaar while the head of the household is no longer able to take advantage of the Annabhagya Yojana.

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At present many people will be deprived of this scheme in July as Aadhaar is not linked to their accounts. If the account is not linked to your bank account, it is better to link it immediately. It is better for you to do these things in connection with Annabhagya Yojana by July 20. If you do not follow the rules mentioned by the government then you will be deprived of Annabhagya Yojana.

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